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Man *****

2016-09-15 13:45:47 by fuProgressive


My grandmother told me that. But then again my grandmother grew up without ever knowing Barack Obama. The thing about Barack Obama is he makes you think. He just serves as a person who drives you insane. I think of dozens of ways to defeat him, so much so I have had many pure strikes (MANY MANY MANY) happen and yet the fucker is still there. And it annoys me I guess. I guess it's relatable to a bad mushroom trip. Ya know doing mushrooms is suppose to be super awesome but this is just plain bullshit. I by every means necassary believe I am alive but I'm just seeing trolls; and trust me I don't believe in trolls.

I heiled Hitler today.

2016-09-09 01:02:44 by fuProgressive

Today I had it happen to me. I had a schizophrenic episode. I shit my pants and vomited on the cat. So I said "mom I need to go to the E.R., I need to go to a mental hospital." "New York?"


I need a dose of penis-celan now.


It just keeps blessing me knowing I blocked him. He's a tenacious bastard. He either is your worst nightmare or he's just nonexistant.

Honestly, I see in the log when he posts. It's been 1-2 months since I blocked him. I can already tell the difference it has made. I feel a lot better than I would have if I was exposed to his terrorism.

So glad for life.

2016-09-08 21:57:26 by fuProgressive

I'm just glad I can wake up after a hard day of work and get fucked out the ass. I just like how pretty much no matter what I do there is something. Life just gets harder and harder and harder. And the niggers are not making it any easier.




2016-09-02 16:58:39 by fuProgressive

I was afflicted with schizophrenia. Day by day I fight with it...

I'm still suicidal.

2016-08-30 20:41:07 by fuProgressive




Would you choose 25 to life in order to kill a leader or a guardian who is schizophrenic? Say it is a general in the army whom you serve. Say he is sending you who the hell knows where without a rifle and under severe heavy fire. Would you kill him or her in order to save your own life?




2016-08-29 08:53:00 by fuProgressive

typing using onboard typer. whatagip. i mean honestly bro. bro honestly. "Like honestly bro."